His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Mar. 26, 2007

Toronto Update

Today is Monday and Earl has just had a biopsy. The team here is amazing and Earl is comfortable and making his way in to the hearts of everyone here. He is in recovery right now and will be coming down within the next 1-1 1/2 hours. Dr. Wunder has told me it is a sarcoma, but the specific type will not be known until we get the pathology report from the lab. That may or may not happen before we come back to Winnipeg. Earl will take a few days to recover and get back on his feet. He will probably have a few more tests before we come home, such as, a CT Scan and another Bone Scan. Take care and we would love to hear from you. Earl does have a phone in his room. Debbie & Earl


Michael and Laura said...

Hey Big guy,
How are you feeling? I bet I know what your answer to me will be.
"Great!", right??
Glad to hear that things are going well there. It's too bad we can't be there with you to come by and visit.
Were you able to get to a Leafs game?? Probably not, since you have been so busy. I heard they lost on Friday.
Keep your chin up and we will come by for a visit when you get back.
Take care and lots of love,
The Perrella Clan

Sonja said...

Hi Earl,
John, Sean, Heather and I are all thinking of you and hoping that everyone is treating you well! Hopefully you will have a smooth,fast recovery. Don't fall in love with Toronto, we miss you and want you back home soon!

Brian and Elaine Stacey said...

Hey Earl,

Brian and I wanted you to know how much we've been thinking about you.

It sounds like you're handling everything they throw at you like the trooper that we know you are.

We hope you're able to get to see the Leafs before you come home.....we know how much you would love that.

Take care over the next few days and know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

With Love,

Brian and Elaine

Brian-Judy said...

Hi Earl
Aunty Judy and my thoughts and prayers are with you.We Know you can take what every they throw at you and with a big smile. We look forward to see you when you get back. I heard the leafs have hired a new coach.He was the coach of the chinnese hockey team.
his name is win won soon
Bye for now
Uncle Brian and Aunty Judy

kccarpen said...

Hi Earl and Debbie,

I was finally able to get onto the blog through the link on the email...It doesn't work any other way I tried!!
Anyway, I'm glad to hear things are going well!! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there...any Go Leafs GO!!!

Mrs. Carpenter

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