His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Apr. 30, 2007

HI Everyone
Earl went for his blood work today (which you would think should be an easy task! Well is was not!) Anyway, it did get done and the results are good, so Earl will be admitted tonight. The chemo will be done tomorrow and then they do follow up blood work every 24 hours until his methotrexate levels come down. Then he can come home...returning next Monday for the same treatment.
He had a great week full of energy and fun, even playing hockey and going to a movie with friends.
Take care and keep in touch

Apr. 25, 2007

Earl at the Maple Leafs Game

Thanks to the very special social workers at Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Earl was able to go to a Leafs game ( and of course he needed an escort yipee, that was me) where he had the time of his life. This was his first ever NHL game and for those of you who know Earl that just made his day.

Apr. 24, 2007

Earl is feeling GREAT!!!

Hello Everyone,
Earl has one more week at home before he heads back to the hospital for his next round.
He will be hospitalized for portions of the next 3 weeks (from April 30 to May 20) Hopefully he will respond well and will get to be at home for the latter part of each of the first 2 weeks. The third week will keep him in for 6 days, regardless of how well he responds.
He is having a great week this week, and has started having his TA from school come to the house to help him get his math credit. He went for his tuxedo fitting yesterday and watch out everyone, because he looks incredibly handsome. It is great that he is feeling good, because last week he landed in hospital after spiking a fever. It took a few days of antibiotics, but he is smiling once again.
Spring is in the air and Earl has been for a couple of bike rides and is trying to spend a little time in the sunshine each day.
Keep in touch!

Apr. 17, 2007

Home Now

Well Earl is home now, and very glad I might add. His new best friend is his bed. He did manage to go to Winnipeg Tech/Culinary Arts yesterday, but today he is spending the morning sleeping. He is hoping to get to Vincent Massey this afternoon.

Apr. 14, 2007

Round 1... and the winner is

Hi Everyone,
Well today is Earl's last chemo and then he gets to rest for 2 weeks. He is so ready to go home, although I know he will miss getting so spoiled. Earl will be trying to go to school, but the chemo makes him very tired so he will likely spend a lot of time sleeping....boo hoo....what young man does not like to sleep? He loves to hear from you so give us a call at home, and if he can't visit in person, I know he can talk on the phone.

Apr. 11, 2007

Earl has now completed his first day of chemo, and actually faired very well. He had a few boughts of nausea, but other than that he did great. He had lots of visitors and he said that they helped him be strong and courageous.....and also made him laugh which we believe is great medicine.
Earl will remain in hospital until Sunday and then will be home for 2 weeks. After that he will return to hospital for portions of the next 3 weeks.

Apr. 10, 2007

Treatment Begins

Hi Everyone,

Well we are back in Winnipeg. Earl saw his oncologist on Thursday and was admitted to St. Boniface Hospital yesterday. He is settled in and will begin his chemotherapy today. He is feeling a little (???) frightened but is easily encouraged. He loves to hear from the people who care about him, so if you have a minute to email, blog, or phone or if you have some time to visit he would love it. He does have a phone in his room and he is allowed visitors. He will be hospitalized for all his treatments and this one will keep him in for 6 days. This BLOG is to help communicate, but we still encourage you to phone and give us the pep talks needed to get through this tough time.
Take Care, and keep praying
Debbie, Darby and THE COOKER

Apr. 1, 2007

Toronto Update

Hi Everyone,
Earl is still in hospital, and getting all his tests done. Becuase they are getting things done here he will be able to start his chemo quicker. He seems to be having some pain in his leg that they are concerned about, so they have ordered an ultra sound which will be done either later today or tomorrow. He is also scheduled to get his porta cath, put in tomorrow. This port which will be put in his chest is where they will give him his chemo.
Hopefully he will be discharged early on Tuesday, as he wants to have a hockey day. The day will start with a nice breakfast (not hospital food that is, although Earl does eat everything they put in front of him, plus what I bring), then we will find our way to the Hockey Hall of Fame after which we will go to Wayne Gretsky's Restaurant and finally to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Philidelphia Flyers game. We will then return to our hotel, fall in to bed and hopefully have a good sleep. We will catch our flight back to Winnipeg at 11:55 arriving back after 2.
Earl is involved with the Musical at VMC "Anne of Green Gables" and so we will be off to the Pantages Theater that evening.
We sure miss all of you and it will be great to be back home, Maybe I might even get a great big hug from Darby....who knows.
Love Debbie & Earl

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