His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Nov. 27, 2009

Go Red Wings

Hi Everyone,

Earl has been home from the hospital for 3 weeks now and is really getting bored. He is able to go out, almost daily, but is incredibly tired afterward. He is quite an amazing guy...saying the surgery wasn't really that bad. We are having a few problems with the incision, but nothing major. He still has four more weeks without crutches and boy will he be happy to get them back. I must say his balance is getting better and better as he hops from room to room.

Earl is constantly reminding me about the travel plans he has after he is up and at em...wants to go to Calgary, Detroit and maybe even Vancouver and we might go on a cruise depending on how he is feeling. I don't think we can manage all 4 places though so we will have to take a look at making decision in the new year.

Earl goes for his next CT Scan on December 21st, and the Dr. wants us to wait until after the holidays before he gives us the results. We are hoping and counting on good results though. Please keep him in your prayers as we wait yet again for an update on his cancer.

We are struggling right now with the knowledge that one of our good friends, Ramona is in palliative care (for 2 weeks now). We pray for her daily and ask that would join us. She is an amazing, beautiful young woman and we just can't fathom life without her. Earl sometimes deals with why he is doing so well, while others are not.

We are planning to stay home and watch our Red Wings beat the Calgary Flames tonight....they really need and win and so does Earl.....So watch out all you Calgary fans...you might be crying in your beer tonight.


Nov. 12, 2009

Earl is recovering at home and I might add celebrating the DRW's win last night as they stomped on Columbus....9 to 1.


Nov. 4, 2009

Go Red Wings Osgood get's a SHUT OUT

Good Morning,

Earl is recovering quickly, so much so that he will most likely be coming home tomorrow. The Dr. said he was surgically ready to go home on Monday...but physically Earl (...and I ) thought he needed a few more days. Yesterday he was able to stand and transfer to the chair by himself and at physio he was able to hop up 3 stairs, which is important for getting home. I am a bit concerned that Earl will gain confidence to quickly and by doing so will neglect to remember he just had his chest cracked open. We will have to watch him closely so the bones have time to heal and knit together strongly. Earl will still not be able to use his crutches for another 7 weeks.

I am looking for friends and family to come over and visit Earl, so that I can get out, so call or drop us an email if you have time to spare. hopkins5@mts.net

The Detroit Red Wings had a great victory last night with a 3-0 win against Boston...so here's hoping it fuels them up for a win tomorrow and a chance to get back on the victory train.

Take care...and keep praying!

Nov. 2, 2009

Surgery Went GREAT


Surgery on Thursday went very well and they were able to remove all three tumors. Two in the upper left lobe and one in the middle right lobe. The Dr. had a good look and feel around and seems to be confident that he found everything that needed to go. That night he watched his Red Wings play....at 9pm can you imagine watching hockey after such major surgery!

Earl is recovering and what a fighter he is. They removed the epidural yesterday and may remove his pain pump today. He was up in the chair 2x yesterday and was able to be taken for a walk and sat up for supper. He still has his sense of humor and had the staff laughing last night.

He enjoys his visitors, and we are hoping to get a phone hooked up today.

Keep on praying and your prayers are being answered in this truly amazing young man's life.


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