His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Mar. 27, 2007

The Diagnosis

The results of the biopsy are in. We met with Dr. Wunder and his team today, and were told that Earl has osteosarcoma. This is infact the same type of cancer that Terry Fox had, but the good news is that medically we are much more advanced that we were back then. They want to do a few more tests here and they will make an appt. with the oncologist who will take care of Earl's treatment (chemo) in Winnipeg. We will come back to Toronto for the surgery, which will take place half way through the chemo therapy. There are 2 types of chemo ranging in the drugs and the length of treatment and we could be back here as early as 9 weeks or as long as 20 weeks. When we come back we will likely be here for about 3 weeks. Earl is doing well and is determined that he is going to beat this. Please please please keep him in your prayers.


mike.bw said...

Oh, I'm such a virtual loser! I spent the last 1/2 hour trying to sign onto this thing! Anyway...

Great to hear you're doing well, and no surprise that you're charming the hospital staff! You're one in a million, Earl.

I've been pretty busy here, but today was definitely not the same without you, buddy. I know you've got a bunch of tests to do still, but I hope you can hurry back to the Peg!

Stay positive, my friend, and take care of Debbie. You know how moms worry and fret! Can't wait to see you.

Your friend,

angstrombuilders said...

Hi Debbie and Earl. It's never great to be given news like this, but it must feel good to be moving forward. Earl, we are all thinking of you back here.

Take care,

Sonja said...

Hi Debbie and Earl,
As difficult as it must be to receive a diagnosis like this, at least you now know what you are dealing with. The good news is that you are dealing with the best possible medical team; Earl, you are very, very strong; Debbie, you are focused and determined; and you have many friends praying for you. Remember, this is not a journey that you will need to take alone, we will always be there for you to help fight this.


Hi there,
This is the third time trying, hope it goes. Anyway hope you heal quickly. Did you get to see a leafs game?

spartridge said...

Hey Earl,
There's snow today in the PEG, so don't hurry back. Stay in TO where it's a bit warmer!
This is such good news to finally know what's going on and how it will be treated. Didn't I tell you that they know what they are doing at Mt. Sinai!
Keep positive as usual, and let your body rest after all the tests it's been through.
I'll see you when youi get back home. Love to you, Debbie and Darby


Mrs. T. said...

Hey Earl,
I was thinking of you at the Minnesota Wild game against Calgary on Tuesday night.....I'm sure Earl that you were there in spirit helping Kipursof...he was amazing! Will send you pic's of the game when I can figure out how to send them......Keep strong

Darby said...

Earl the pearl.whats going on brother. hopefully you trip is going as well as expected and you will have a chance to check out the GREAT ONEs restaurant. i hear you got tickets to the philly vs. toronto game. I will definetly be watching for the SEXY DANCE on TSN plays of the night. Have fun Buddy and ill see you when you get back.


Mrs.C said...

Hello Earl,

Thinking about you this week. I know that you are so super strong that you are going to win this game like you did with the Special Olympics.

Hi Deb. I know that you and the great team in Toronto are taking good care of Earl.

See you when you get back.


Michael and Laura said...

Having a doctor named "Wunder" must be a wonderful sign. We know that you are making all kinds of new friends there. It's hard to resist the charms of the cooker.

Glad you are able to put your new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey to use. It's pretty big of you to wear a Leafs jersey when you know that they SUCK. Well at least you got to watch a real team like the Flyers. Oh yah I forgot, they SUCK too.
we miss you, so we hope to see you soon buddy.
Earl can you explain something to me? Why does Darby call himself T-Bone? Or maybe I shouldn't ask.
Anyway take it easy and we will see you both soon.
Much Love and Hugs
The Perrella's

The Shap's said...

Hey Earl,

Good to hear you are taking it one day at a time. Keep smiling, as it is one great quality you possess. Call us when you get back, we'll go for wings. Big Shap and I are thinking about you lots and know you are in great hands out in TO. Miss ya lots.

Big Shap and Little Shap

Peter Duff said...

Hi Earl & Deb,

Glad to hear that things are progressing well -- not at all surprised that Earl is charming everyone in T.O. -you tend to have that effect on people dude!

You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know when you're back in the Peg -- would like to come and see you.


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