His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Jun. 13, 2011

CBC The National TONIGHT!!!!

The Biopsy went very well and we should have news within the next 5 days.

Just got word today that Earl's documentary will re-air tonight with an added update.

Tune in for a great story.


Jun. 12, 2011

A Change in Plans

Hi Everyone,

There has been a change of plans since my last post. The surgeon's have requested a biopsy of Earl's right kidney, to find out what kind of cancer we are dealing with. It could be one of two things.....1) metastases of the original cancer (osteo-genic sarcoma) or a secondary cancer involving the kidney (renal cancer of some kind) The biopsy will confirm this. If it is the later (kidney cancer) there are treatments available that would have a good outcome, and would likely involve surgery but not as radical as if the cancer is sarcoma. Does that make sense.....? The biopsy is tomorrow morning and we will let you when we know. Earl is feeling a little tense and really has convinced himself that he does not want the news to be ...that it is sarcoma! Whatever it is....we know it has to be dealt with promptly as the tumor is growing and Earl is in more and more pain.

Too keep Earl distracted his friends are keeping him busy. He has a new interest in Flea Markets and Cruise night. He is excited that the NHL is back in Winnipeg and that we were able to obtain season tickets, which we will share with my brother and my two nieces and their spouses. It should be lots and lots of fun. Earl is already offering his services to the new team...LOL

Last Monday Earl was Police Chief for the Day, thanks to Jerry and Dave! He had a great time, with Police Chief Keith McCaskill as he inspected the recruits and gave a speech to the whole class. He was well received and his final words to the class were..."...and remember...never taser a guy in the balls..." I sunk down in my chair in embarrassment, but then again, thats Earl. They gave him several gifts one of which was a hockey jersey from the Winnipeg Patrolman hockey team. We finished our visit with a tour of the Winnipeg Police Museum.....Thanks to all involved it was a great experience. Oh and by the way...Earl gave me at least 3 tickets on the way home.

On Thursday, Earl and I headed down to Canad Inn Stadium where Earl had an opportunity to try-out for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They had him sign a Million Dollar contract,which by the way did have a performance clause in it. They suited him up and he headed out to the field, after meeting all the coaches. He had a chance to speak to quite a number of the players on a personal level and then was honored to give them words of encouragement and share his story with them before and after practice. The guys really got a kick out of him, as well as being inspired by his story and his positive, love life attitude. He had a chance to show them how he could kick, tackle and take a few himself. Thanks so much to Jerry, Bob Cameron and the rest of the guys for making this happen. And also to Paul LaPolice for becoming Earl's new best friend.

I will add some pictures and sign off.

Please keep Earl in your prayers, God is good and we Believe in His power to heal and his Love for us.

Debbie...keep in touch.

Getting to know Earl

Getting to know Earl
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Earl's Trip To Minnie

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Checking out the New Guys
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