His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

May 27, 2007

Earl is doing GREAT!!

I thought I should let you know that Earl is feeling great. He has been going out a little each day and is sleeping when he should. He went to the Delerious concert last night and out for lunch and a movie yesterday afternoon. He will be heading back to the hospital on June 4th for his next treatment.
That's all folks

May 17, 2007

Round 2 or is it Round 3?

Hi Everyone,
Earl is taking his chemo treatment very well this time. Dr Wong has made some changes to his treatment, which will eliminate one whole round of chemo. This means that:
1) Earl has only 2 treatments of high dose methotrexate left before surgery,
2) Earl will be able to go to his Graduation and wear his fancy tuxedo,
3) We will get to Toronto 2 weeks earlier than we expected.
We are hoping that Earl will be coming home sometime today. I know some of you have been saying that you haven't heard from us, please understand that Earl is totally exhausted by this treatment. He misses all of the people that are special in his life and we really encourage you to call, visit, comment on the blog...in other words keep in touch with us!

Earl has decided that he would like to be baptized and would like to invite his friends and family to share this special event with him.

The Baptism will take place at the 10:30 service of Whyte Ridge Baptist Church on June 3rd, 2007 The church is located at 201 Scurfield Blvd in Whyte Ridge.

Take Care,

May 12, 2007

Face-off Time: 2pm Sunday May 13, 2007

The "Face off for a Cure" dinner was great. What a great bunch of young men are represented here. Try and make it out on Sunday to see Olympic gold medalist Jennifer Botterill drop the puck or sometime this week! Earl had a great time!


May 9, 2007

Face off for a cure

Hi Everyone,

Earl has another treatment behind him now and he is doing fantastic. What a strong young man he is. He is still at St. Boniface and hopefully will be coming home Friday morning. He has some exciting activities planned for the weekend and then will go back in on Monday evening (provided his blood work is good) to begin his 5-day treatment on Tuesday.

What is Face off for a cure, you may be asking?

On Sunday May 13, 2007 a group of forty passionate street hockey players will attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for the longest street hockey marathon in Winnipeg, Manitoba and in doing so have a goal of raising 30,000 dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society

Approximately six months ago we filed an application with the Guinness World Records in London, England that would enable us to officially attempt the record. Nearly four months of restlessness we were given the go ahead to official attempt the record. The current record for longest street hockey marathon belongs to Conroy Ross Partners and there 30 hours of street hockey madness. Their record has stood since 2004 when the event was held in Edmonton, Alberta. It is our hopes to successfully break and set the new Guinness World Record on May 13, 2007 on the outdoor rink facility at St. Norbert Community Center located at 3450 Pembina Hwy. The entire event will be open to the public.

The above statement was taken from www.faceoffforacure.blogspot.com. There is lots of info there if you are curious.

Earl has been asked to attend the dinner/kick-off on Saturday night as a guest. I am really impressed with the young men that are organizing this event, many of whom are from our community and hope that you will make it part of your planned activities next week.

Keep in touch,

Cancer has touched us all and here is a great chance to get involved.

May 3, 2007

All is Well

Hi Everyone,
Earl completed his 2nd round of chemo, and made it through with flying colors. He is still in hospital waiting for the chemo med levels to come down. He has experienced very few side effects, the main one being just plain tired (jonked would be a better choice of words.) He will be able to go home once those levels come down (hopefully by Friday) and then will head back next Monday to take on round 3
Keep in Touch,

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