His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Aug. 15, 2008

The Countdown is ON!

Hi Everyone,
The Good News: Dr. Wunder has given Earl the go ahead to head home. We are busy trying to make arrangements for air ambulance and for care once we get home. Earl had his IVC filter removed yesterday and the VAC is still on. We are hoping that we can continue the VAC therapy in Winnipeg, so are waiting to hear if homecare can provide that service. We saw the OT today and she has gone over what equipment we will need at home and on Monday will work with Earl to help him get dressed in street clothes again.

The Not so Good News: The latest CT scan shows that the nodules in Earls lungs are progressing and therefore it is important to get back to Winnipeg to start chemo. Earl will start on Gemcitabine as soon as we get home. (dates to be confirmed once we know when we will travel.)

I am hoping Earl can settle in easily once at home. I was really hoping that we could arrange a welcome home for Earl at the airport, but that will not work now that we are arriving by air ambulance. Perhaps we can arrange something at our place the night we arrive. I will keep everyone posted and ask that those who follow the blog update those who don't.

I am hoping to take a much needed break next weekend, so if anyone can volunteer some time to spend with Earl, I would be forever in debt to you. I am hoping to go to a friends cottage Fri to Sunday with my quilting sisters. Darby will be at home, but is busy studying, now that he is in fire college. If someone can visit Earl or take him out a little that would be awesome. My Email is hopkins5@mts.net or you can reply to this blog.

We are so very much looking forward to getting back to our life, friends, family and of course our Church.

Love Debbie and Earl

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