His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Feb. 11, 2008

February Update and Hockey Day in Canada

Hi Everyone,
There hasn't been much news lately so I apologize for not updating the BLOG. We are still waiting to hear from the surgeon in Toronto. Earl had to have a CT scan done and now the results are on their way (hopefully sitting on Dr. Wunders desk) to Toronto. It would be great if we could hear back from him this week and so that is what we are praying for. Earl is scheduled to leave for Quebec City on February 25 with Teamtoba and his Special Olympic floor hockey team. Then we are booked to go to Hawaii for his wish trip on March 25th. I realize that the surgery if needed is most important, but we are really hoping we can still make these trips.

This weekend we went out to Winkler Manitoba where they hosted Hockey Day in Canada. Earl was pumped and had a great time. Hockey all day long. We saw Don Cherry and Ron Mclean and Russ Romaniuk and Ab Mcdonald former Winnipeg Jets. Here are some of the pictures.

Please keep Earl in your prayers, as he is experiencing more pain than usual and we are very anxious about what the future holds.

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