His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Jan. 1, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

HI Everyone,
Well we are gone with the old and hopefully the new will shower us with blessings!

We had an okay Christmas, best of all was time spent with family and friends. Earl feels so loved by our family and we are thankful for how they have accepted him. To start off the new year Earl will celebrate his 20th birthday tomorrow. We are having a small get together and will go out to Ichi Ban for dinner on the 3rd. I thought it would be a fun place to go given his interest in cooking and culinary arts. He will love how they toss their tools around. After dinner it's off to the hospital to get ready for what we hope will be his last treatment.
Hallelujah!!! He has had a pretty good break and is looking forward to finishing. One of the difficulties will be saying good bye to all the nurses and staff on 5B, where he has loved and been loved by so many. He says he is looking forward to having them as friends rather than care givers after all is done.
We wish you all a Happy New Year and pray that those of you who are dealing with cancer will be blessed with good health and a good response to your treatments. For others we wish you a year of good health and joy beyond belief. Let us all be thankful for what we have and help those around us, as we struggle through what life brings us.
Take care, keep in touch
Debbie, Darby and Earl


Dano said...

Hi "Squirrel" & co.
Glad to hear that the Christmas was a good one and that Earl is now down to his last treatment. I've got a pretty good feeling that 2008 is going to be a good year for many peopls, with Earl heading the list!
Have a spectacular New Year and look forward to Earl once again being a regular in church where I can give him some "noogies". I will miss his fashionable hair styles however, seems a lot of the mid-50 guys in our church were following a similar pattern of hair growth....or non-growth!

samflan733 said...

Hey Earl!

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day! Good luck with your next chemo treatment! Praying everything goes well! Talk to you soon, Sam!

Earl & Ramona Reimer said...

Happy Birthday Earl!
Hope you enjoy your supper tonight. I'm coming in on Monday so we'll hopefully be in the hospital for a few days together. See you soon

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