His Journey with Cancer

Congratulations to this years NHL Alumni Ace Bailey Award for Courage our man Earl!!!!!

Darby and I (along with 26 others) were there to accept the award for him. It was a grand event, but could never compare to the grandness of Heaven.

Oct. 26, 2007

Latest News

HI Everyone,
Earl will be going back into hospital this Monday, October 29th to resume chemo on Tuesday. They are anxious to get going. Earl will remain on IV antibiotics for the duration of his chemotherapy. We are ready to continue the fight, and with the prayers, love and support of all our friends and family we go forward. The results of the pre-surgical chemo came back and Earl's response was only 10%. In light of this they are changing his chemo and hopefully it will pick up and have a more positive effect.

Earl is getting around much better these days and in fact he started walking with one crutch for short spans this past Wednesday. He also rode the physio bike and was thrilled when he was able to make one complete rotation, and then two and three and so on. He was so happy.

The next big exciting news is that TSN (the sports network) contacted us and they are going to do a story on Earl as a Special Olympics Athlete. It will include his cancer, his love of hockey, his Floor Hockey Team and their journey to The Special Olympic Winter Games in Quebec City this February. The story will air on TSN on November 10th time TBA, which is a day that TSN focuses their programing on Special Olympics. Pretty Cool and Earl is so looking forward to it. We are still not sure at this point if Earl will be able to participate, but he will be going to the games.
take care, and keep in touch Debbie, Darby and Earl

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Torey said...

Hey buddy, it's good to hear you're still doing alright. Sorry I didn't come to see you this weekend. I wanted to, but I got really busy. Anyways, you keep up the good work, and I'll come see you as soon as I can. And hopefully I won't have to fire you. Talk to you later pal.


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